Solar PV

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A “grid connected” Solar PV system converts light from the sun into electricity for use in a building or buildings. When the system has provided all of the building or building electricity needs, the excess electricity is fed back in to the National Grid for use by other electricity users nationwide. When system has been professionally designed, supplied, installed, commissioned and certified by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved organisation like us there are many benefits to the building owner and electricity bill payer. These include:

Generating an income through the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Scheme at the relevant Generation Rate set out by OFGEM, which is guaranteed for 20 years and is index linked. It is also tax free for private homeowners. Payment is made for every kWh of electricity generated, no matter how much of what is generated is used in the building or buildings it is connected to.

Generating a further additional income through the FIT Scheme for exported electricity, whether deemed or measured, also guaranteed for 20 years and index linked (and is also tax free for private homeowners) at relevant Export Tariff Rate for any excess electricity that is generated, and is fed back in to the National Grid.

If the electricity from the Solar PV system is used in the building or buildings it is connected to then less electricity is purchased from the building electricity supplier resulting in a reduction in electricity bills and helping to minimise the impact of future electricity price rises.

The energy performance rating (i.e. the EPC rating) of the main building served by the Solar PV system will increase significantly.

We have a track record in not only designing, supplying, installing, commissioning and certifying small and large scale Solar PV systems, but also in the repair and maintenance of systems installed by other companies who are either no longer trading or do not have the skill base necessary to get systems working safely and correctly.

As we’re independent from any product manufacturers we have an excellent knowledge of most products on the market and our customers can always be assured that we will provide a professional service in an unbiased and value for money way.